Why Play Lacrosse?

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Why Play Lacrosse?

PLAY BOX LACROSSE - What does Wayne Gretzky say? click here


  • Lacrosse and hockey are very similar sports
  • U.S. College scholarship opportunities in lacrosse are available
  • Hockey players excel in lacrosse
  • It’s a great method to increase physical fitness in hockey’s offseason
  • Team sports build self esteem, respect, integrity, & fairness
  • Lacrosse teaches leadership skills
  • It helps prevent sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport
  • Players of all fitness levels and abilities can compete in lacrosse
  • A player can learn basic plays and strategies
  • A player can learn to play both offensive and defensive positions and make a quick transition from defence to offence and vice versa
  • It reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net
  • Lacrosse increases hand-eye co-ordination when stick handling
  • It teaches players to play with their head up and to be more aware of their surroundings
  • Offensive scoring skills are honed by shooting at smaller targets and picking corners
  • Defensive skills are taught with individual and team concepts
  • Lacrosse teaches the creativity of fakes, back passes, & shots
  • Lacrosse is run in 5-player units and helps the hockey player practice playing a team concept
  • It is inexpensive to equip lacrosse players as most hockey equipment can be used in lacrosse


  • Hockey coaches teach similar strategies of team play and special teams.
  • Hockey coaches and players only have to look at players such as Gretzky, Sakic, Shanahan, Ronning, Kariya, Nieuwendyk and Oates as these great hockey players have one thing in common...they have all played lacrosse and have used the experience to enhance their hockey skills. You can share in their experience by playing lacrosse!
HOCKEY – Canada’s National Winter Sport
LACROSSE - Canada’s National Summer Sport

In terms of a young player's development on the ice, it's best to remember that with some kids that development sometimes takes a little longer than with others. One method of hampering the development process in hockey is by "taking the fun out of the game." We do that unwittingly when we insist that hockey becomes a twelve-months-of-the-year event.

The Undeniable Link

From Wayne Gretzky to Joe Neiuwendyk and more recently Dave Holland to John Tavares, it is amazing to hear the huge and positive impact playing lacrosse had on NHL stars from the past, present and future

The Sport of Lacrosse

There are three types of lacrosse played in Mississauga for both Boys and Girls:
  • Box
  • Field
  • Girls Box and Field 
Box Lacrosse is played on a standard sized arena floor and features 5 players plus one goalie on the floor during game play. 
The strategy of Lacrosse is similar to that of basketball and hockey, with all five runners involved in the offense and the defense. Added to the appeal are the speed of players, the ball control, the body contact and the excitement created by a 30 second shot clock at Novice age and above. The combination of action and reaction makes Box as much fun to play as it is to watch.
Box Lacrosse is played almost exclusively in Canada, with annual National Championships occurring at seven levels. The award of the Junior A (17-21) championship is the Minto Cup, while the best senior players in Canada (over 21) play for the Mann Cup. Junior B is the Founders Cup
According to the Canadian Lacrosse Association there are currently over 47,000 Box players in Canada. Both males and females play this version of Lacrosse and the ages of competition range from 6-65 years.
Field Lacrosse is played outdoors on a 100m x 55m filed with 9 players plus one goalie on the field of play. The standard Field position set up is 3 Defense (long poles), 3 midfielders and 3 attack plus one Goalie
Field is very similar to Box in the fundamental skills of passing and catching, and the physical nature of the play. The games differs in the style of play and strategy. There is no controlling shot clock. The game is more strategic and relies more heavily on possession and control of the ball. 
There is a large cross over between the Field game and the Box game players. Many Box players play field, since the season commences earlier than Box (April) and finishes within 5-6 weeks (May long weekend). 
Over the last three years lacrosse has seen a tremendous growth in high school and the initiation of minor field lacrosse (10 -16 years old).
Field lacrosse offers many NCAA school scholarships opportunities in the United States. It is very common to see Canadian born Field Players playing in Division one and two of the NCAA Field Lacrosse teams.
The Girl’s field is the same as Men’s minus the contact. You are not allowed to impede the progress of a player via body contact or stick checks. The other major difference is the stick they use. The difference is the depth of the sticks, Girl’s field do not allow a pocket in the head of the stick. 
Like Boys field, there is great opportunity for NCAA Scholarship in the United States. 

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