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  1. What level of rep play is available?

Our rep programs begins at the paperweight division and run through to  intermediate. Our #1 Rep teams historically play in the “A” division while our # 2 rep teams play in the “C” or “D” division. The number of rep teams in a  division is determined by number of players and coaches available.

2.            My son/daughter is bigger/smaller than most kids at his/her age – is there an ability to move him/her up or down a division?

No.  Kids must play in their age appropriate division in rep for PMLA.

3.            My son/daughter is very skilled and I believe he/she could play at a higher division.  Can he/she play up a division?

No.  Similar to question #3, kids must play in their age appropriate division in rep for PMLA.

4.            What is the cost of rep lacrosse?

If you son or daughter is chosen to play Rep Box lacrosse for PMLA, a portion of their registration fee  may count towards their “Rep fees”.  In addition, there will be an additional rep fee charged to cover costs of practice time, games, tournaments, Provincial championships etc. Additional fees range from approx. $200-$450. Should your child’s team also play field lacrosse there will be an additional field fee of approx.$150-175.


5.            Do I have to pay the “Rep fees” prior to tryouts and then get a refund if my son/daughter does not make the Rep team?

No.  “Rep fees” are only paid once your son/daughter makes a Rep team. 

6.            What happens if my son/daughter does not make a Rep team?

He or she will return to play House League. 

7.            What do I have to do to register for tryouts?

Try out registration info will be updated yearly on our website as the procedure may vary based on available facilities. Past practice requires try out registration in advance, through the PMLA website. In addition a player MUST be ristered with the PMLA to attend box or field try out sessions. There will be a tryout fee payable at the first try out session. For paperweight, tyke and girls teams, you will only be able to register for box lacrosse. Check www.ptbolacosse.com for additional info on try out procedures, times and locations.


8.            When are Rep tryouts?

Box Tryouts start in late March or early April and will be posted on our website www.ptbolacrosse.comNote: New for 2016 will be rep field try outs in February. All players interested in trying out for a rep team MUST attend the tryouts for the #1 team in their respective age group.  If selected during that set of tryouts (typically 3 tryout sessions), the tryout process is over.  If not selected, the player will then tryout for the #2 team in their respective age group and so on.  Players should be prepared to attend multiple tryouts depending on the number of rep teams being selected.

In accordance with PMLA rules, all players are required to try out for the #1 team in their division and be cut/released in order to be eligible to attend tryouts for the #2 team in the division and so on.  Parents/players cannot self-select the rep team that they wish to play for and only attend those tryouts.

 NOTE: All players trying out for Rep Boys teams from Novice to Midget, must be registered 2 days prior to the first PMLA try out date. If the player is not registered by this time, they may NOT be eligible to tryout for a Rep team for the for that season.

Cut off times for registration for Rep Girls, Intermediate Rep Boys and Rep Paperweight & tyke tryouts will be announced at a future date.


9.            Are the tryouts full contact?

This is up to the coaches running the tryouts but generally the tryouts will be full contact.


10.         What equipment is necessary?

Standard lacrosse equipment and a mouthguard are required.  There is a parent guide to lacrosse on the PMLA website that will provide you with equipment requirements.  Click http://cla.pointstreaksites.com/files/uploaded_documents/357/Parents_2006_120607_standard.pdf


11.         Does PMLA have separate Rep teams for field and box?

Past History in the PMLA states No (however this may be subject to change on a yearly basis).  The same team selected through the tryout process will play field and box lacrosse.  The exceptions are our girls, boys intermediate and tyke & paperweight rep teams who do not play field lacrosse. Due to OMFLL guidelines the PMLA will register teams for field lacrosse based on historic interest in each particular division and previous year registration numbers.

12.  May a player choose to play only Rep field or only Rep Box?

All Players MUST register to play with the PMLA which translates to a registration for our House-league box program. We then may host try outs for Rep Field. A player that is selected for rep Field will remain the the HL Box program. We tehn host rep Box try outs. A player that is selected for a rep Box team may be removed from the HL program. Typically, our # 1 & #2 box teams from Novice - midget are removed from HL. Our #3 rep teams remain in the HL program. Typically our girls Rep players from novice - bantam remain in the HL program while our midget and intermediate are a Rep only program. (All these scenarious are subject to change each year based on registration numbers)

* in short, a player may Not choose to play Rep Field only, without being registered with a HL box or Rep box team.


13.         When does the field lacrosse season start and end?

The starting date has not yet been announced, but it is anticipated to be as early as the 1st or 2nd weekend of April.  The field season ends with Field Provincials, traditionally in Brampton, on the May long weekend (different divisions play on different days). 


14.         When does the box lacrosse season start and end?

Box lacrosse starts immediately following the field season (though teams are free to overlap between field and box if they wish) and runs until the Box Provincials which run for 10 days starting on the Civic Holiday weekend in August.  Again, the specific days which your child will play at Box Provincials are based on his/her division but the games will not span any more than 3 consecutive days and the days each division will play (not the specific game schedule) will be posted well in advance.


15.         What is the expected commitment with respect to practices/games during the field lacrosse season?

Field time will vary from team to team – it is determined by the coaching staff.  However, players can expect to be on the field, weather permitting (and some practices will be arranged indoors as well), 2-3 times during the week for practices (no games during the week) and then will generally play two games on either Saturday or Sunday.  The location of the games will vary from week to week, but potential locations include Oshawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Cherry Beach and others.  Typically teams will play 10-12 field games prior to Provincials.




16.         What is the commitment with respect to practices/games during the box lacrosse season?

Similar to field lacrosse, players can expect to be on the floor 2-4 per week but this will be a combination of practices and games (home and away).  Typically teams will play 20-30 box lacrosse games per season (including tournaments).


17.         How many tournaments can I expect during the lacrosse season?

With the exception of older divisions, teams will not play a tournament during the field lacrosse season with the exception of Provincials.  During the box lacrosse season, teams will typically play in 2-4 box lacrosse tournaments.  The location of the tournaments varies, but typically will include 1-2 “local tournaments” (no hotel stay required) and 1-2 “away tournaments” (hotel stay required due to distance required to travel).  Many tournaments actually start on Friday afternoons as well.


18.         In terms of box lacrosse games, what is the travel commitment?

PMLA is in Zone 6 of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.  That means that our zone games may include Northumberland, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Clarington, Oshawa, Whitby, West Durham (Ajax-Pickering), Uxbridge, Markham, Toronto Beaches and Toronto Stars.  Which centres any given PMLA team will play depends on the “rankings” of each centre and will vary from division to division and even amongst the teams within a particular division.


            19.       Will my child require any special equipment / clothing?

The PMLA requires all rep players to wear white helmets and Laker game shorts for all games. In addition rep players may have specific clothing requirements (polo shirts, warm up shirts, socks) determined by the PMLA and team representatives.


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